Crisis Pregnancies

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Pregnant? We’re here to help! Our purpose is to direct you to the nearest pregnancy resource center, where you and your baby can get free help.


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It is our daily mission to direct you to your local pregnancy resource center, where the offer you the truth about abortion. Pregnancy resource centers are judgement free zones, and will do anything to ensure that you and your baby have free help.

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What are Pregnancy Resource Centers?


a safe place for women & babies

Pregnancy help centers (formerly known as crisis pregnancy centers and also as pregnancy care or resource centers) provide support services, medical care and resources to women facing difficult or unexpected pregnancy to assist with their immediate and ongoing needs. Care is provided within a respectful, compassionate, and supportive environment to empower a woman to welcome her child into the world. They do not offer or refer women for abortions.

They provide vital, highly valued services to vulnerable women and youth on a free or low-cost basis including: pregnancy testing; medical services (ultrasound, medical exams, prenatal care, STD testing and treatment, to name a few); education on all options including parenting, adoption and abortion; prenatal development and parenting education; material assistance; sexual risk avoidance education; after abortion recovery support; referrals for medical care; and linkages to vital community and public health resources.

By providing practical assistance and links to needed resources, PHCs help women to avert adverse health outcomes and promote health and well-being for themselves, their children, and their families.

Source: Charlotte Lozier Institute

Two Million Helped

Data from 2010 shows that pregnancy help centers served more than 2 million people, with estimated community cost savings of more than $100 million. Source: Charlotte Lozier Institute